Mel Coupland

07961 983677

At 72 I needed a total left hip replacement, due almost certainly to over enthusiastic sports activities earlier in life. Following my operation, and having practised Pilates with Mel for over 15 years, I applied a Pilates approach to the hospital exercises.Surgeon discharged me after 5 weeks (6 is normal) and the hospital physios cancelled my later appointments after 2 check sessions. My recovery continues to go extremely well under Mel’s expert guidance and progressive build up Pilates exercises.

Dr Tom Packard

I have been attending Mel's classes (both class and reformer) for a couple of years and I can honestly say that they have changed my life. I have scoliosis and was finding it difficult to deal with and under Mel's expert tuition I have been able to successfully control my condition and eliminate most of the daily pain that I was suffering with.

Mel is patient, kind and very professional, and she has become a friend too. Not only have I learnt how to control my scoliosis, I have developed a passion for Pilates and that is purely through being inspired by what Mel has taught me to do. She is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend her classes.

Katie Mosses