Mel Coupland

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Mel Coupland has been a pilates teacher since 1999 and a student of Pilates for longer.

Mel's initial training in all levels of Matwork Pilates was with Michael King, the founder of the Pilates Institute. Mel then continued her training in 2005 with Anne-Marie Zulkahari and Hana Jones, two of the founding members of the Pilates Foundation, the Pilates Foundation is the only not-for-profit professional Pilates organisation in the UK, and it is the only Pilates organisation that is recognised by the NHS Trusts Association in its Directory of Health Service Providers. The Pilates Foundation is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the Pilates Method and providing the highest possible standards of training and teaching. The Pilates Foundation trains its teachers more thoroughly and for longer than any other Pilates teacher training organisation, involving hundreds of hours of assisting qualified teachers and a thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology ( with case studies, essays and both written and practical exams). In comparison, some Pilates teacher training organisations offer teacher qualifications in as little as 6 days!!! All Pilates Foundation teachers are bound by strict codes of conduct and ethics. To maintain affiliated to the Pilates Foundation Mel is required to participate in continued professional development and training courses each year, as well as having up-to-date insurance and a first aid certificate.


Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and a skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play and in the way you work

Joseph Pilates

The truth is that Pilates can really change you body.

I work with people of all ages, some recovering from serious illness or injury, pre and postnatal women and athletes but Pilates is good for everyone who wants to stay strong and flexible.

Pilates is a very precise, intelligent exercise, where the message is quality not quantity, learning how your body works, gives you the tools to improve your posture, appearance and physical wellbeing.